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How to REALLY Identify & Follow Signs from the Universe – Synchronicities Simplified!

February 2, 2018
signs from the universe

Anyone who is into the Law of Attraction starts getting into the discovery of synchronicities and signs at some point. When we get more into our spiritual practice, we start noticing certain things coming up more and more often. While most people would shrug these signs off as “coincidences,” spiritually connected people know better. If you’re new to signs and synchronicities, read this first: Signs from the Universe | Synchronicities and the Law of Attraction. Much like animal instinct, human…

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Blog Law of Attraction Self Growth

Soul vs. Ego: How to Distinguish Between Soul Talk/Ego Talk & What Your Soul Wants You to Know

January 30, 2018
what your soul wants you to know

Knowing the difference between our soul talk and our ego talk can be the vital missing ingredient to living a more intuitive, fulfilling life. We often look for signs from the universe, for signs from outside of our body. When we see repeating numbers, words, phrases, when we hear a certain song at a certain time, when we run into someone after thinking about them, even when someone calls out of the blue after we talk about them…those synchronicities are…

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Mind Hack: Manifesting Using the Placebo Effect

January 23, 2018
placebo pill

Law of Attraction, at its core, is a way to tap into our own power, learn better habits and unlearn negative beliefs. Often, I will be asked for some scientific evidence to help prove or explain the Law of Attraction. Though there has not been any research done specifically dedicated to the concept, there are plenty of scientific theories and notions that provide evidence for the Law of Attraction, such as the discovery of “mirror neurons.” Another such scientific notion…

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Blog Law of Attraction Self Growth

6 Steps to Better Mornings and Better Days, Every Day

January 11, 2018
magical mornings

The smell of dew on wet grass, the sound of birds merrily chirping for the new day; the stream of light warming the face of a sound sleeper. A leisurely stretch and a yawn…Wouldn’t it be nice if every morning was this peaceful and relaxing? Unfortunately, this is not the reality for the majority of us. Mornings are short, filled with stress, and tied to the clock. We are in a hurry, or on our phones. Too many of us…

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25 Life Lessons I’ve Learned in 25 Years

December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas and happy holidays my loves! Many of you know that I celebrated my 25th birthday last week (December 19th). I had the best time ever, but the partying has died down now and I’ve had some time to reflect on the past year. This year has been one for the books, that’s for sure. I’ve grown and become more me than I ever have been. I think that’s the beautiful thing about getting older, you discover more and…

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Blog Law of Attraction Self Growth

Law of Attraction: Letter from Future Self Exercise & CHALLENGE

December 14, 2017
future letter

To predict the future, you must create it yourself! It’s been a while since I’ve posted, I want to apologize for that first and foremost. I’ve been putting a lot of time and effort into my videos and trying to grow our community, and I hope you guys have been able to see the improvement in my content and quality of video. To make up for my absence, I have a very fun post and video for you today that…

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