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8 Ways Using the Law of Attraction Will Change You

June 14, 2017
law attraction changes you

Change can be good.

It’s no secret – learning about the Law of Attraction and how to tap into the underlying vibrations of the universe in order to create a desired reality will cause great change.

More often than not, the change people experience will be overwhelmingly positive, setting a person on the path to become the greatest version of themselves, living their greatest life.

But for those who are still hesitant, I’ve compiled a list of ways the Law of Attraction has changed me, and countless others.

8 Ways the Law of Attraction Will Change You

universal connection

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  1. You feel more connected to the world around you. Your surroundings are more meaningful, and your interactions with others become deeper.
  2. You’re more self-assured. When things start to work out for you, you notice them, and you feel more power. That power translates into confidence.
  3. People start to listen to you more. You’ll see that when your vibes are right, and you’ve become more confident, people will begin to hang on to your words. They will be naturally drawn to you, because you make them feel better about themselves as well.
  4. You care less about life’s pettiness. When you’ve transcended the mundane and banality of every day reality, petty drama will no longer interest you. What interests you now is celebrating the successes of life.
  5. You become a more positive person. When you know the power of your words and how important your thoughts are, you start to train yourself to turn the negative into the positive.
  6. You begin to help others more. You know that you have the kind of power that any human being can possess, and you will feel an urge to spread the word and pass on your happiness.
  7. Life has completely changed, and you become aware that the way in which you approach life has as well. You are more aware,  knowledgeable, open-minded and open hearted. You are in tune and in harmony with the world, nature, the universe, other people, and with yourself.
  8. Overall, you are more satisfied and happy. It may start with small successes, such as attracting a parking spot, then a date, then some money. Each success will make you feel more satisfied and content than the last. Happiness will be a natural state of being for you.

All of these changes will only improve our lives and make us better people – regardless of our individual journeys with the Law of Attraction. Change can be good, my baby elephants.

How has the Law of Attraction changed you? 


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1 Comment

  • Reply Shiny Queen June 15, 2017 at 2:34 PM

    hello from Paris,

    i really like your blog. i am sorry, my english isn’t very good.
    I am just starting using the law of attraction in my life . People think that i am changing and sometimes they don’t like it. I am don’t understand why they react that way. They can be really mean.
    i am just trying to be happy in life. they don’t understand why i believe in that.
    i don’t know how to react because i feel that i am loosing them.

    thanks again.


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