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New Moon Manifestation Ritual – A Time for Renewal, New Beginnings, and Hope

November 16, 2017
moon phases

 To use the power of the Law of Attraction, you don’t need any tool.

You don’t need a specific time of day, or a particular ability. Every single person on our planet has the ability to make miracles happen for them. It is a law that surrounds us at all times, whether we acknowledge it or not.

However, there are ways to make tapping into the LoA more fun, more accessible, and easier – and that’s what we explore on this website and in our videos.

A monthly ritual or routine is one of those ways. One such ritual is centered around the monthly new moon. Rituals centered around moon cycles are beautiful ways to connect to ourselves, to nature, and to other beings. These routines can open the floodgate to a much deeper connection with the universe.

The moon has 8 phases, and the new moon is the first phase when the moon is in conjunction with the sun and invisible from earth until the time it appears as a slender crescent.

In spirituality, the new moon is a time of beginnings, hope, and renewal.

new moon ritual

The new moon is an opportune and auspicious time for setting intentions and manifesting.

While the powerful full moon is a great time for purging old ways and habits, the new moon is the time when we want to plan for the future and plant the seeds of our desires. It’s the perfect time to get clear and really state what it is you want to manifest to the universe.

Setting intentions and manifesting during the new moon cycle can be a fulfilling, long ritual, or it could be as simple and easy as setting aside a few minutes each month to focus on your wishes.

You will state your intentions out loud or write them down on paper in our ritual, and the more specific you are, the better.

This is an extremely powerful time to attract what you want, so be very careful with the way you ask for anything. For example, if you ask to come in to money, make sure you specify that you come into it through happy means, and that no one is hurt in the process.

You want to receive your wish without any negative events occurring, so just specify that it will happen through a miracle.

Each month, set yourself a reminder or a note that tells you when the new moon phase is coming in. We want to take advantage of this day as we get them only about 12 times a year.

How to prepare

Everyone’s ritual will be different, and you can tailor yours however you see fit.

1. Start with gathering your new moon ritual supplies.

For my new moon ritual, I prepare a notebook and a pen, a couple candles, herbal tea, and some good manifesting music – I like to listen to hang drum songs, it just makes me feel very in tune and spiritual.

2. Create a sacred space.

It is very important to have a cozy manifesting space.

The space can be indoors or outdoors, but it should be comfortable and free from distractions.

Mine is in my bedroom, with the only light being candle light and light from the stars, and my window wide open.

Some people like to use sage to smudge or incense, I am usually happy with just lighting a couple candles. I will almost always keep my crystals near me handy, but they are an extra indulgence and are by no means necessary to this ritual.

3. Become grounded.

There are a lot of great guided visualizations for this here on youtube, but what I like to do is to center myself by sitting in my space with my eyes closed.

I take some deep cleansing breaths while listening to my meditation music, and I become very present.

I imagine my body is rooted down into the earth, and that those roots reach out for miles around me, creating a strong foundation for my life and giving me the stability I need to live happily and healthily.

Now that you are grounded, let go of all anxiety about the future and all thoughts of the past. The now is all that matters and mindfulness on the ritual is your priority.

4. Become open.

You can now think or say out loud some sort of heart and mind-opening incantation. A good mantra I’ve found is to say: I am restored by sacred cosmic vibration. I am divinely protected. I let go of the weight of that which no longer serves me. My spirit is awake, and my path is revealed. I am open to receive.

Once we are prepared, it’s time to begin the manifesting process.

We’re going to set our intentions, envision and plan, and our manifestations are then set in motion.

The manifestation practice:

  1. Make a list of everything you desire, small to big. You can ask for ANYTHING. Don’t doubt yourself. Don’t wonder if it’s too much to ask for or even if it’s too little. Just get carried away and ask for everythingWrite out your biggest dreams – your deepest desires. And like I said before, be as specific as you can.
  2. Next, plan out the next month. What are you going to do mentally to become more open to receive? Are you going to journal more? Are you going to practice more gratitude? What will you do physically to become more aligned to your desires? Will you work out more? Socialize more? Will you rest and sleep more? Take better care of your health and/or appearance?
  3. Now, write out your actual goals for the following month. This could be goals like, say my affirmations every day. Or, get that project finished. Plan to finish the most daunting tasks right in the start of the new moon cycle, when your energy is fresh and replenished.
  4. Then, write out your predictions for the rest of the year, no matter what month you are currently at. Write out how you see the year playing out. Be as optimistic and open-minded and hopeful as possible.
  5. Lastly, write out a thank-you list. Start by thanking the universe for listening and for bringing you everything you desire. Then, thank your body and your soul for its miraculous healing power, for your strength, for your courage. Then, thank anyone in your life that you appreciate. Pour out as much gratitude as possible.

Finish by writing/saying: “I am renewed with this new moon. I am replenished. I am open to new beginnings!”

A lot of people find that taking a bath after this practice is a great way to cleanse yourself. If possible, I do recommend trying that out, and adding essential oils to your bath.

Remember that this is a time of invitation. What you think, how you behave, what you say and how you feel will determine what you invite into your life for the rest of the moon’s cycle. Every month you have a chance for renewal. Take advantage of this time.

What sort of rituals do you practice?

Watch the New Moon Manifestation Video here >>>


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  • Reply Christin November 17, 2017 at 5:42 AM

    I am very excited about this wonderful new adventure! I watched your video on this too! I have also been very religious and been very serious with your 30 Day Challenge! Some of the times when I didn’t see your new posting for each Challenge Day Assignment I always kept checking almost every single hour! I am very committed to this 30 Day Challenge and I love and enjoy it very much! I originally started doing the 28 Day Challenge from The Magic By Rhonda Byrnes but as soonas I came across your’s I knew I had to jump on it! Thank you so much! After the 30 Day Challenge I am going to renew it and do another one for December! Ever since I found you Leeor you have taught me so much! There have been days that I have had some negative moments but I always bounce back! I put myself in a position of saying how blessed and grateful I am of absolutely anything and everything no matter what it is! You really have taughf me a whole these past few couple weeks! Everyday I am always posting inspirational quotes in the community and just love it tremendously! I even outside in the real world I tell friends about you and all that you have taught me! Everything that you have taught me I am teaching them! It keeps me in the best place possible! My lifeiand heart feels and is filled with tons of love, blessings, faith, gratitude, etc. Thank you for coming into my life and filling my life with all sorts of positivity! I am very grateful for you and very grateful I found you! God Bless you Leeor! 🐘😍💖

    With Love,
    Christin 🐘😍💖

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