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Law of Attraction: Letter from Future Self Exercise & CHALLENGE

December 14, 2017
future letter

To predict the future, you must create it yourself!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, I want to apologize for that first and foremost. I’ve been putting a lot of time and effort into my videos and trying to grow our community, and I hope you guys have been able to see the improvement in my content and quality of video. To make up for my absence, I have a very fun post and video for you today that is easy and accessible to all. All you really need is yourself, a pen, and a piece of paper.

Today, we’re going to be intention-setting with a very simple technique: a letter from your future self, to your present self (or a friend/family member).

Notable figures such as Bruce Lee and Arnold Schwarzenegger have used similar tools to set and exceed some pretty impressive goals. So, why not us? If not us, then who?

Before we get into the details, I want to tell you guys a little about my experience with writing these kinds of letters. Since 2011, I’ve been using a website to email my future self –, I believe.

I used these emails as a manifestation technique, writing out everything that will happen to me in the future. While doing research for this technique, I had to go back and re-read the e-mails. Even though I should be so used to it by now – I was floored! 

Nearly everything that I had written that I truly wanted and had a passion for had manifested.

The things that did not manifest, are things that I no longer want today. I outgrew them. They weren’t truly things I wanted or that I would have appreciated having today.

But the big things – everything from being accepted to USC, getting a scholarship, dating a certain type of guy, studying abroad, getting all the internships I wanted, I got all of that.

I haven’t written myself a letter since 2015, and I thought it was time, but I realized that there is a better way to do it in order to manifest more efficiently.

That method is to write a letter from our future selves, to our present selves (or someone else).

This exercise is an intention-setting tool. When you write it out physically, you are imprinting the things you are writing about on your subconscious mind.

Impressing your intentions on your subconscious mind will lead you to naturally make the right decisions that will steer you to achieving that goal, that manifestation.

When you are in alignment with the emotions, thoughts, and feelings that you would feel and think once you get your desires, you give the universe and the Law of Attraction space to do its job. After that, all that’s left is to detach and feel grateful.

That’s when doors will open for you, you will meet the right people, you will be given the resources, and the things you want and need will seem to manifest out of thin air, like magic.

So now, it’s time to grab a pen and paper.

Remember, you are writing as yourself, in the future. The recipient could be your present self, or it could even be someone else in the present or in the future. If you are finding it difficult to write from your future self to your present self, it might be easier to write as your future self to your friend or a family member that would also be reading the letter in the future.

Whoever you are writing to, make sure you write with love and honesty. Here are the easy steps to writing and manifesting with a letter from your future self!

Get those vibes up. The first step is to get into a high vibration, as always. It’s the secret, the key to manifestation success. I get my vibes up by listening to my favorite music and watching funny videos. I will then spend a few minutes meditating.

Time to write. Once you are vibrating at the correct frequency for your manifestation, sit down and get ready to write.

Write the date out at the top. Make it exactly one year from the date you are doing this exercise on (you can do a different timeframe, of course. I just find that looking back on a year is powerful). Example of how I began the letter:

December 13, 2018

Dear past Leeor,

I can’t wait until you see where you’re at now. The future is very bright.

I then went on to detail what my life is like in the future.

Write in the present tense, for example,, “I have a successful business and money is no object.”

You want to be as specific and creative as you can be with your storytelling because those vivid details and clarity of desire will help with the visualization.

I also found it really helpful to talk about the emotions I am feeling from receiving these things, such as, “I feel elated to be traveling the world right now. I am so happy I get to meet such incredible people.”

Avoid stating anything in the negative, even if it’s a part of the story. Instead of writing, “I’m not poor anymore,” or “I’m not sick anymore,” write “I’m wealthy and healthy.”


In the letters I wrote in the past, I also wrote things such as, “I love myself, I am confident, I am beloved, I have a strong and loyal group of friends…”

You can literally write anything you desire, physical, material, emotional, anything.

The new moon is on December 18, 2017. If you didn’t try the New Moon Ritual last month, try it this time! Find out how to manifest using the New Moon here.

I suggest that while doing this, you let your imagination and heart open wide and leave logic behind. You are not losing anything by allowing your mind to spill out all its desires, only gaining the possibility of attracting those desires.

Understand that this is the same as writing a letter to the universe. You ARE the universe and the universe is you.

Once you’re done writing, it’s time to detach from the outcome – you asked for it, it will not be created for you in a perfect way.

A lot of us think that if we don’t keep thinking about what we want, if we don’t keep visualizing it, it will slip away from us and not happen. That isn’t true.

Once you’ve done work like this, letting it go will only accelerate the process because your thoughts are not negating what you asked for or getting in the way. Happy manifesting! 


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  • Reply Arushi December 18, 2017 at 5:09 PM

    Hi Leeor,
    Thank you for introducing this technique.
    I just have one doubt, do we have to read and visualise it on daily basis or just leave it and read after a year.

  • Reply Cynthia December 22, 2017 at 5:22 PM

    This is a really smart idea! I saw the video when it first came out, but I keep forgetting to do this. At the very least, it would be fun to play around with. What do I have to lose?

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