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I started off as an inquisitive, charismatic child. I was a natural leader and had a strong desire to take care of my tribe. Originally desiring to pursue acting, I fell into the world of entertainment journalism. I was well on my way to becoming a reporter, when I woke up and realized that’s not who I want to be anymore.

My name is Leeor Alexandra, and I want to create real change in my lifetime. I took to YouTube to put in motion my plan for change, and people began to listen. The listeners became a family. Every morning, I check to see what it is they need, and I look for a way to fulfill their needs.

My Baby Elephants made me realize something huge, something that pushed me to quit my blossoming career as a journalist and to pursue the great beyond: every one of us is looking to be loved. We are all looking for ways to be heard and to be understood.

When I asked my viewers what they wanted from life for the year ahead, I expected the usual “fame and riches” replies. To my bewilderment, I received thousands of comments from people wishing for a best friend, a soul mate, a tribe.

So I created a tribe for them. And this is our Baby Elephant Watering Hole, where we will support each other and work together to be the best versions of ourselves. Here, we have a safe space to grow, discover, learn, make mistakes, and experience. My wish is for you all to go out into the real world day after day after being inspired by what you experience here. My wish is for us all to take life by the horns. I want us to love ourselves, and to be proud of the people we are becoming.

Let’s get started.

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