Here, answers to e-mail questions will be posted anonymously for your reading and self-discovery pleasure.

May 30, 2017 

“Hello, Leeor!
I am so thankful that your channel was recommended to me on YouTube. Without finding your videos I would still be so depressed. My life just a short while ago was filled with negative thoughts and nothing was ever going right for me, so I’m so happy I stumbled upon your videos. I have been friends with a guy who I met on a study abroad in high school and I have liked him for a very long time. I started to try to manifest and try the LoA again and he messaged me just a few days ago and he told me that he LOVED me, more than a friend, and wants me to come see him again soon. He wants to move to the USA and live with me and get a job here. I would love that so much and I have been trying to use my intentions for helping him find a job. My question is, can I manifest opportunities for other people or does the LoA only work for myself?
Thank you so much for all you do, Leeor! Have a blessed day.”


“Thank you so much for reaching out. I am so happy that finding the channel has helped you, that means the world to me! I got chills reading your message, success stories are my absolute FAVORITE. This is a simple answer. Yes, you can manifest things for other people – but if they are accidentally attracting the opposite of what you want from them, their energy from themselves will be stronger. So for example, you may be trying to imagine him getting a great job in the U.S., but he may think that it’s impossible.

The best thing to do here is to introduce him to the Law of Attraction or at least, to more positive thinking. If he’s already a positive thinker and a go-getter, this should be so easy for you guys. I am so excited for you, please keep me updated!”

May 15, 2017

” Hello Leeor!
For starters, I have immense gratitude for all that you do on YouTube. It
is amazing that you have brought your community to this website. Your
videos have seriously changed me for the better.

I love writing. I am doing it now, and it is my successful career. I love
almost anything creative, writing (of course), music, etc. Though, I was
wondering what you think about writing about hard times/listening to sad
music. For a while I pushed all of it away because I was constantly
thinking that I could only write/listen/read happy things. I would love to
know your take on it, and how I can handle doing those things without
stressing if what I am doing goes against positivity and the Law of

Thank you so much, beautiful!”


Thank you for coming to me my love. I am so glad the videos are useful to you, this means the world to me and you are proof I’m on the right track! This is SUCH a great question! You are an artist. You need to feel EVERYTHING, and you should not be pushing your creativity away, even if it is sad.

In general, with the law of attraction we’re not pushing away sad things. It’s not exactly healthy to sweep things under the rug and pretend they don’t exist. What we’re doing is healing our sad, negative, and damaging patterns. My advice for you is to look at things differently – you are a writer, do your job and get it all out there beautifully. Take ALL the sadness out on those pages. In that way, you’re letting it out of your soul and making way for happiness.

If you feel drained after writing, then it may be a sign to reconsider all of this, and not write sad things. Let me know how this goes, good luck and I hope to read something of yours soon!

May 6, 2017

“Hello love,
So I consider myself a very spiritual person. Even at a young age, I was using the law of attraction in amazing ways that I didn’t even realize
until recently! Quick example, my family moved around into 2 houses that were lovely but didn’t meet all of the standards for our family, office for dad, big backyard for parties, 4 bedrooms etc. So when I was 12 I legit looked online, found our PERFECT house, called the real estate managers, they said it was for closed to another family and was about to be sold. My entire family already neglected the idea of living there but I would have my mom drive by allll the time because I just knew we would move there.  Sure enough, we got the house!
Now I’m 19, about to turn 20. I just got rejected from almost all of the schools I applied to with a major I didn’t like; I just assumed I was going to switch once I was accepted. After devoting my entire first two years of this transfer, it didn’t work out. I’m disappointed, but extremely !!!!! relieved. Also scared! My heart is telling me to take a year abroad in Spain, polish my Spanish and just explore and connect with people. These past 2 years have been lonely since I was so focused on studies, and though I see this was incredibly necessary for my personal growth, it was painful, too.

I’m scared of manifesting a wonderful time in Spain because what if itdoesn’t work out like how my college transfer didn’t? I don’t want to live in fear anymore.. I want to love myself and others again. Sorry this was so long! I would so appreciate any input you have. I also wanted to ask if you do personal life coaching? Would be v interested!!”


Thank you so much for coming to me and sharing your story. At just 12 years old, manifesting a home is a HUGE deal. It shows that you naturally have a talent and a connection to yourself, to nature, and to the universe. Do not take that for granted, celebrate that.

Regarding school – my love, EVERYTHING happens for a reason. If you’ve seen me talk about my own experience, after two years of community I was rejected from all the schools I wanted to go to as well – because I only THOUGHT I wanted to go there, I had no emotion to back that up. It was a blessing in disguise, just as your situation right now is a blessing in disguise. As a spiritual person, the universe has your back, and even when things look cloudy, you will look back and be so, so thankful.

Do not be afraid because of the failure of your college transfer. I was there, and I was afraid, but looking back I can tell you that I dodged a bullet, just as you did.


If you don’t require any more classes, go to Spain. We get these little urges and feelings for a reason.

Everything is going to work out for you. Just listen to your intuition.

Also, before leaving, I want you to decide on one school that you want, regardless of how hard it is to get in with your DESIRED major.

While you’re abroad, you’re going to get accepted to this school. You’re going to do all the paperwork, meet all the deadlines, impress everyone you need to impress, and come Fall 2018 – or even Spring 2018 – you’re going to start there.

Not being accepted this time around is the universe asking you, “Are you SURE you want to take this path?”

So my suggestion is to find somewhere you DIDN’T apply to, that speaks to you loud and clear as day and makes you feel complete. If the school you really want is one that you applied to, you’re going to get in next time – the universe just wanted to give you other choices.

You are blessed, I feel that through my damn screen right now!

Lastly, yes, I do offer coaching sessions. I offer sessions per hour, and you can choose the media – Skype, FaceTime, a phone call, text messages, e-mails, instant messages, whatever you desire 🙂 Let me know if you would like to set something up, I think your potential is seriously unlimited and I’m excited to see where we can take you.

April 30, 2017

“Hi Leeor,

Hope everything is going great in your life!

Recently, I got back to watching videos about the LOA because I wanted it to give it another try (I have given up because I couldn’t quite figure out what I did wrong that wasn’t working for me).
I remembered that I very enjoyed your channel and that I was subscribed! I watched your newest video about “wouldn’t it be great if…” game and I wasn’t very convinced about it but I decided to give it a try (cause why not?).

IT WORKED!!! When I realized what happened, I was speechless. To be accurate, I still am speechless. Since yesterday night, I played this game for something that I thought would be nice to happen before my exam (that was this morning). Before the situation I asked for happened, I was actually going to force things to make it happen but then, I let it go and thought “oh well, I still have time before the exam, just be patient and if it doesn’t happen, it’s ok. I’ll be alright” and it happened right after.This is absolutely crazy, I know that bigger things take time (which of course makes a lot of sense) but I am just amazed.

I would very like to thank you, or the universe at this point to have put you on my path. It’s always a real pleasure to watch and re-watch your videos, whichever my state of mind. I believe that I have found a way that worked for me for attracting experiences into my life and this game is just fun. I LOVE it.

Wishing you the best in your future endeavors.”


I can’t tell you how high the vibration is that you have put me in this morning. Thank you so much for trying out this fun tactic, it works because we don’t put so much pressure on the technique, on the universe, or ourselves.

We can learn a lot from the simplicity of something like, “Wouldn’t it be nice if…” 🙂



April 26, 2017

“Leeor, my exams are in 2 weeks and I thought I would be a lot more nervous but I’m not, I feel this weird sense of calmness within me because I know I’ve worked really hard all through this academic year and study my butt off for nursing school this coming September. Where I wanna go for my type of entry only has 2 places and I want to be there next September to study nursing there. The school makes me SO SO happy, it sounds ridiculous but it is on my mind 24/7 and I recently went to visit the school for my 4th time to help attract it into my life, I got so emotional there and felt like I belonged there. I was just genuinely happy and at complete peace there but I have some fear still that something may happen that could stop me from getting one of 2 places available. I’ve stuck the school calendar up on my bedroom wall for both this year and next year, have pictures of me outside the nursing building, my goals up on the wall, a book promoting the school beside my bed, a bag with the school name and logo hanging on my door. I see it all through the day. I study everyday, haven’t skipped a day this academic year, I’m currently on easter break until next Monday and I haven’t missed a day of study. I wake up at 5am to study also. Can you please give me some much needed advice and encouragement for my upcoming exams starting on May 2nd until May 10th to get into my dream school to study nursing?? I really want to get in to NUIG (my dream school so bad; I’m irish btw), love you and your videos!!”


Hi my love!  I just want to let you know that you are doing everything perfect. You have done everything you possibly could manifestation-wise, just make sure you keep visualizing yourself there.

What I want you to do leading up to your exams, is to try to relax as much as possible. Remember, nervous energy creates negative vibrations and you want to stay away from that. If you can meditate, even a few minutes in the morning and a few at night, do that. If you can work out to get out nervous energy, do that. And every day, I want you to talk to someone, either someone at home or a friend or someone on the forum and tell them WHY you deserve to get in.

My friend was waiting to hear back from grad school at any moment and was nervously checking her phone. She hadn’t gotten in ANYWHERE the year before, it was her second time applying, and this was the one she really wanted and was waiting on. I forced her to put away her phone, and to tell me each day the reasons why she deserved and why she could get in, such as “I have a really high GPA, I volunteer, etc etc.”

I forced her to focus on why she WILL get in and stop thinking about the possibility that she wouldn’t. Also, I explained to her that there is a divine plan for each of us, and that everything will ultimately work out for her benefit as long as she stays on her spiritual path.

A week after we started, she was accepted. You will too. Keep doing what you’re doing. I have the utmost faith in you!

April 21, 2017

“Hey Leeor, I’m a subscriber and  I  have been practicing the LoA and have even manifested people and experiences into my life over the past year.

I’m very excited to manifest even more thrilling, exciting and magical experiences this year.
And this is where I need the help with this specific situation:
I randomly saw that my favourite rapper (J Cole) will be playing here in London on 15th October of this year! I felt so excited about it, even though I have no one out of my current friends that I would really want to go with. But I didn’t let this stop me and I  persuaded my mum to buy me TWO tickets, in which I have to pay back to her. I don’t care about the fact that I have to somehow pay her back the money or the fact that I have no one in mind in which I could go to watch him with! I just somehow have a feeling that perhaps over the summer, I’m going to meet someone new that will be excited to watch J Cole’s concert with me!

I feel like I need your advice on how to manifest this person so that I can create one of the best memories from my teenage years!!

Much love
Ps your YouTube vids r so inspirational!”


Hello my love! Thank you so much for reaching out. First of all, just know that you are already a very powerful attractor, and you don’t need much help from me – maybe just a little guidance. Understand that A) You manifested his performance into your experience, and the universe brought it into your attention B) You were able to obtain not one, but TWO tickets to the concert.

You made both of these things happen.

Now, you don’t seem to be worried about the money for the tickets, so I’m assuming you have that under control. Even if you don’t, the fact that you are not stressing about the funds will certainly bring the money to you in a perfect way.

To manifest this person into your life, I’ll give you a short list of advice.
1) Be open, and open your eyes. People who can change our lives are all around us day in and day out, we just have to open our hearts to them and allow them into our experiences.
2) Hold on to your hopeful, happy vibrations. I feel them from my computer screen, don’t lose those, because people THRIVE on vibes like yours.
3) Every day, visualize yourself going to this concert with SOMEONE. You don’t have to imagine what they look like, but focus on what they make you feel. Think about what you will do with them before and after the event. Do this as often as it feels good to you, if it feels good, it’s working. If it doesn’t, then let it go. Someone will come to you either way.
4) Get ready for this concert in every way as if you have someone coming with you. Perhaps make a reservation for two ahead of the concert or after. Act in a way that the universe will have no choice but to bring you someone perfect to enjoy the experience with.

Hold on to that excitement, my love! You’re going to have such a great experience, and the person you share it with will be in your life for a long time. Keep me updated, I can’t wait to hear all about it!



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