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“The Egg” – We Are All One, There is No “Other”

August 15, 2017
the egg

“The Egg” by Andy Weir This short story by Andy Weir will open your mind, serving a purpose similar to that of Zen Buddhists’ koans. Read this in the morning and be in awe of the universe and of yourself for the rest of the day.  You were on your way home when you died. It was a car accident. Nothing particularly remarkable, but fatal nonetheless. You left behind a wife and two children. It was a painless death. The EMTs…

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Law of Attraction: Simple Tips You May Need to Be Reminded Of

July 31, 2017
law of attraction tips

Manifesting and using the Law of Attraction isn’t supposed to be hard work. In fact, that’s the exact opposite of what it’s intended to be. Using this universal power is meant to be easy and fun, because when it’s taken lightly, it just works. I came up with a list of little reminders and tips that might set you back on the right vibrational path to using this law successfully. Like I always say: remember to have fun with this. Lightness will…

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The Seven Spiritual Laws & How to Use Them Every Day

July 26, 2017
spiritual laws

The Seven Universal Laws 101 The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success – A Practical Guide to the Fulfillment of Your Dreams by Deepak Chopra was published in 1994, but its contents still hold water today. The self-growth book was inspired by Hinduist and spiritualistic concepts. It reads that success is not just hard work – it’s also having an understanding of human nature and following the laws of that nature. According to this book, when we apply these laws, we…

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How to Protect Your Energy From Energy Vampires

July 19, 2017
energy vampire

Energy/vibe/psychic vampires (n.): People who suck the positive energy out of you, leaving you drained, exhausted, and even depressed. Signs someone is an energy/vibe/psychic vampire: You feel exhausted after just a few minutes around them. They are skilled in consistently turning your good mood into a rotten one. They will often do or say things for a reaction. They will compete with you and try to exclude you in social situations. It would be quite nice to only be surrounded by empowering, supportive…

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Blog Healthy Living Law of Attraction Self Growth

Open Your Mind to Mindfulness & See the World Through New Eyes

July 12, 2017
mindfulness blog

Thoughts on Mindfulness. This blog post was co-written by my best friend Sayeh Ashley. Her thoughts on mindfulness will open your mind and heart to the concept. These words will make it easy for you to understand why mindfulness is so important. Mindfulness is a state of being present. It is about pure awareness, which comes from not living in the future, not living in the past, but living here, in this present moment. This is the key to happiness. We tend to…

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Weight Loss Tips: How I Got a Flat Tummy Without Much Effort!

July 12, 2017

Upon waking up this morning, I checked out my tummy in the mirror and felt a rush of pride. The “effort” I had made in the past three weeks was paying off – I felt light, lean, and flat! “Efforts” is in quotations because my secrets to a flat tummy don’t involve much effort at all. This information is out there, and you may have read about at least one of these tips elsewhere. The advice I’m about to provide…

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