Can you ask the universe for the next step


for a long time ive been trying to be an actress i live in Baltimore but i want to get an agent/manager and work in L.A but I dont know my next step i work on my vibration and ive been detached from the way it could happen I really just want to know could  i ask the universe for a next step like ask for a person or a hunch to go somewhere is that a thing  has anyone done it before and gotten a step closer that wasn't just on a vibrational basis


I think that you could. As far as I know, if I am correct, is that you should first do your part as well. For instance, you should of course contact the agents or managers in the L.A. area and let the universe/God/whatever deity to go from there. Let me make a concrete example, and possibly this is the most when it comes to manifestation/LoA: asking for a lotto win. Whenever I hear people say they hope to win the lotto, I ask them if they go to a lotto outlet and bet. Many of them say they don't. So, I ask them the obvious--how will you win if you don't even bet? The point in manifestation is that you should also do your part. Once you do, the universe will then act accordingly and will move events towards your goal.


You can literally ask the universe, according to one of my favorite authors Florence Scovel Shinn. Do your manifestations, and say, "Please show me the next step." IT WILL COME TO YOU THE SECOND YOU ALLOW IT 🙂



I must watched Ur videos and manifested for a job within this week ..and thn I phoned my job consultant and he said I will fix u within this week with some good company ..  so am eagerly waiting ..

Fingers crossed. .   Wouldn't it be fine  if I get my dream job within this week.




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