Is the relationship toxic? Am I being toxic ? Is my partner ?


I feel as though I am going through a very toxic relationship with my boyfriend . But I feel as though I am being toxic as well. Is there a way to Detox the relationship? I love him so much . And he loves me . But we just have issues .


I believe most times, there are ways to detox a toxic relationship if there is love there. Do remember that love isn't everything, though. You have to also have shared values, respect, and honesty. Do you want to give us more details on how it is toxic Wesley? 🙂


Thank you Leeor. One example is that we both hold almost EVERYTHING in. And then we let it all out at once and say things that we probably shouldn't . I've said hurtful things , he's said hurtful things . And I don't want to play victim or the blame game , but lately he's done more harm than me.


Ex: The other day I told him , " You know, I don't see my friends often , and I don't see you that often. It would be nice if I could see you more often."


He then replied, "That sounds like a "You" problem" .


Hes said things like that before and ive NEVER been like that. I've opened up about it and he begins to act nicer but the actual "issue" is never addressed by him. What should I do ?

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