Resources page?


I know I may have no authority added a new topic on this part of the forum by t I had a great idea and I really wanted to share it.


I feel as though , as a young LoA Practitioner I might need more resources to inhance my studying on LoA . So though Leeor could maybe create a "Resource Center" on the forum where we can all share Books, links , YouTube videos etc, that we can all learn from.


It might bring us together more !


it doesn't have to stop there. I want to help people manifest ! So for example let's say someone wants to get into a college but is having trouble getting financial aid, I, as a member could post a link to some scholarships that they might be able to apply for !



Its just just an idea . Whatever Leeor decides to do, I won't stop helping all of our baby elephants ! ❤️❤️❤️👶🏻🐘


Wesley! First of all, you totally have authority. This is OUR forum 🙂

I adore this idea. Starting the topic now! Please post over there explaining your idea just like here. BTW - watch the video I post tomorrow. You asked for a shout out 😉


Thank you so much ! This means a lot to me !

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