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New Moon Manifestation Ritual – A Time for Renewal, New Beginnings, and Hope

November 16, 2017
moon phases

 To use the power of the Law of Attraction, you don’t need any tool. You don’t need a specific time of day, or a particular ability. Every single person on our planet has the ability to make miracles happen for them. It is a law that surrounds us at all times, whether we acknowledge it or not. However, there are ways to make tapping into the LoA more fun, more accessible, and easier – and that’s what we explore on…

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Blog Healthy Living Law of Attraction

November 30 Days of Gratitude Challenge

November 7, 2017
i am grateful

Aside from creating a solid platform and foundation for a good Law of Attraction practice and a healthy mentality, gratitude has been scientifically proven to be incredibly beneficial. A short list of the way gratitude affects us includes: Improved physical health Improved psychological health Enhanced empathy, reduced aggression Improved sleep Improved self-esteem Increased mental strength Allows for healthy and better relationships Source: 7 Scientifically Proven Benefits of Gratitude… In November, the U.S. celebrates Thanksgiving. That is likely the origin of…

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Blog Healthy Living Law of Attraction

Act As If: A Beginner’s Guide

November 2, 2017
act as if

Act As If is the tool you’ve been missing in your Law of Attraction toolkit. A paradox of our reality is that we get what we want when we stop wanting it. This could explain that annoying-but-extremely-prevalent phenomenon where whenever you stop chasing someone that you like, either physically or mentally (or both), they usually come running. The method known as “Act As If” allows us to tap into this paradox and use it to our advantage. Act As If…

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Conor McGregor is the Perfect Law of Attraction Success Story – 14 Inspirational Quotes

October 31, 2017
conor mcgregor law of attraction

Chances are you’ve heard of Conor McGregor – the Irish mixed martial arts fighter who fought against Floyd Mayweather during his first year as a professional boxer. But have you heard his inspirational story? The UFC featherweight champion – known as “The Notorious” or “Mystic Mac” – had a modest upbringing in Crumlin, Ireland. He started kickboxing as a hobby at 12 years old, but was not considered to be remarkably talented or strong. The legend attributes his current-day success…

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Blog Healthy Living Law of Attraction

8 Mental Habits That Are Holding You Back

October 16, 2017
mental habits

On this blog and in my videos, we focus on happiness more than almost anything else – because as far as I’m concerned, happiness is the key to living a fulfilling life and making a positive impact in our world. Everyone’s journey will be different, but there are a few mental habits I’ve identified that many people exhibit that hold them back from experiencing joy. These mental habits are easily worked through once identified, so today I wanted to point out some…

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The Twin Flame Phenomenon, Explored

October 9, 2017
twin flame souls

What if I told you that every relationship you’ve had with anyone, romantic or not, has been practice for the ULTIMATE relationship – your Twin Flame union?  While soulmates explains a soul relationship that has likely developed over several lifetimes, the concept termed ‘twin flames’ describes two people who are halves of each other. A twin flame is you in another person. You may have different personalities and be two completely independent beings, but you are irrevocably connected on a…

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