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Vibration Raising Techniques: An Important Manifesting Step

Your vibration determines how well you can manifest!

The first step is to get in vibration with what you want. Then, ask the universe for it. Next, believe it is on its way. It will be yours soon. But how does one raise their vibration to align with what one wants?

We are more than just our corporeal bodies, and the world around us is more than just physical.

We are energy, vibrating in a Universe made of vibrational energy. Everything that exists, at a sub-atomic level – is pure energy. The law of vibration serves as a foundation for the law of attraction and states that whatever is at a similar energetic vibration to you, will appear in your life.

“Whatsoever a man soweth, so shall he reap.”

At its simplest approach, vibrations can be analyzed through your emotions – and your emotions serve as vibrational indicators. It’s a symbiotic relationship! When you feel good, you are vibrating things into your life that you want and that are positive. When you feel bad, you are vibrating negative things and aren’t allowing in the good experiences you desire. In times of sadness, we vibrate at very low frequencies, therefore drawing more sadness into our life.

Learning how to live through vibrations by picking thoughts that have high vibrational frequencies and taking action that puts you in that positive state will make using the law of attraction a breeze for you – and if you, like most people, are not in control of your vibes, it will make life more difficult.

There are countless ways of raising your vibrations, but I personally think people try too hard and go too deep into it, when feeling good should be simple!raise your vibration

I am a big believer in habit. If you are able to consciously make just one of these positive changes a part of your daily routine, you will be far better off already.

How to Vibrate Higher – Easily!

  1. Start your days with gratitude. Starting off the day by writing down the things you are grateful for aligns and opens your energy to receive more to be grateful for.
  2. Drink more water and eat more “living foods.” Many people do not want to hear this, but it’s true – you are what you eat. Eating dead foods like processed junk, white sugar, and even red meat can lower your frequency. It’s not a coincidence that eating an apple or a salad will make you feel light and happy, even proud of your decision, and that when we’re sad, we reach for ice cream or comforting junk food. Eating living foods such as fruits and vegetables is an extremely powerful way of getting into a higher frequency, and so is drinking plenty of water. This is just too easy not to do!
  3. Listen to music, often. Sometimes, when we’re in a crappy mood, we want to sulk in silence. If we can just convince ourselves to find a station we like, or listen to a few feel-good songs, the music can alleviate stress and put us into a calmer, more fun disposition, thereby raising our vibration.  One of my favorite inspirational speakers said that our egos “cannot resist the high vibration of music.”
  4. If you are a reader, read books that inspire you. Watch movies that make you laugh or make you feel good. Listen to positive talk radio, or watch inspirational videos. This is a very easy way to quickly raise your vibration.
  5. Take walks in nature, if you can! It doesn’t have to be a six mile hike. A walk through the park, sans phone or any distractions, is just as good. Breathe, and take in the sight of green, or of snow, or even of dirt. Nature intrinsically holds a higher vibration, so spending time in nature is a quick way of recharging your vibration.
  6. Throughout your day, purposely look for the good in things – like how beautiful the sky looks, or how the sun feels on your skin. Notice an old couple holding hands or a mom snuggling her baby. Seeing good can make us feel good. Our sight is  powerful vibrational influencer.
  7. And my last suggestions are to A) cast off your negative energy by letting it out in whatever healthy way you can think of – write about it, sing about it, vent to a friend, scream, or best of all – go sweat it out. B) Be a forgiving person. Do not hold on to anger or grudges because they will constantly be there, weighing you down. And C) Reflect on the positives of your day every single night before bed. Write about a lesson you learned from the day if possible. Reflecting on our days is a helpful way of beginning to be more mindful. Note: Just reading this blog should be written down in your journal as something positive you did for yourself today.

In summation: Be grateful, drink water, eat healthily, listen to music, consume inspirational media, take walks in nature, look for the good in things, sweat out your anger, and forgive easily and quickly.

What are your favorite vibrational-raising techniques? Share them below! 

2 thoughts on “Vibration Raising Techniques: An Important Manifesting Step”

  1. I raise my vibration through artistic creation; drawing and painting connect me to my inner being and elate me! You videos helped me realize this 🙂

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