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7 Signs the Law of Attraction is Working for You

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When I first began learning about the Law of Attraction at just 14 years old, I would constantly look for signs that my manifestations were coming to me. Though there was a lot of information about manifesting and universal laws ten years ago, there wasn’t much advice out there from people who were using it themselves.

Hindsight is always 20/20, and looking back, the signs were always there – I just wasn’t aware of them. So as always, to improve other’s experiences, I borrow from my own.

One of these signs could appear, or all – but each one indicates the same thing. Something great is brewing! So sit tight, and get ready for a wild ride to the life you’ve always wanted.

If you’re new to signs and synchronicities, make sure you read my introduction to them here.

7 Signs the Law of Attraction is Working for You

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  1. You see repeating numbers everywhere, especially 11:11, 44, 33, and 88. Here’s why.
  2. Your intuition is enhanced (and if it is, listen to it!).
  3. You sleep better and have deeper dreams that you can remember more often.
  4. You get a sense that you are protected – that someone out there has your best interest at heart. That feeling, my friend, is the mysterious underworking of the universe, conspiring on your behalf.
  5. Money starts to appear in your life more effortlessly.
  6. People – often at random – begin to contact you more often with good news and/or opportunities.
  7. There is an increase in synchronistic activity.

And if none of these things are happening to you (which I doubt – take a good look!) don’t fret. There is no timer on universal laws, because the laws transcend time. It is coming to you, and if it isn’t, someone is looking out for you and ensuring that you get something better.

signs law of attraction

What signs do you see before a manifestation?

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  1. Great information!! I love your website, thank you for sharing your experiences and knowledge with us 😭

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