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Open Your Mind to Mindfulness & See the World Through New Eyes

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Thoughts on Mindfulness.

This blog post was co-written by my best friend Sayeh Ashley. Her thoughts on mindfulness will open your mind and heart to the concept. These words will make it easy for you to understand why mindfulness is so important.

Mindfulness is a state of being present. It is about pure awareness, which comes from not living in the future, not living in the past, but living here, in this present moment. This is the key to happiness.

We tend to get caught up in our thoughts which can ultimately become detrimental to our health and well being. We know that negative thoughts can be the main culprit  of depression, anxiety, and all other disorders falling within that category. When one is present and aware moment by moment, all those negative feelings will dissipate and you have the ability to become free from the jail of your mind.

Practicing mindfulness is like building a muscle.

As Leeor mentioned in her latest video, practicing mindfulness is like building a muscle. The more you are aware of your thoughts, the more you can seed out the positive ones and the negative ones. Watch your thoughts without judgment and let them come and go.

We all have programs that are planted within us that come from our background and history. Some of these programs we have control over, but there are many that we do not.  Practicing mindfulness leads to awareness. With this awareness, we can free ourselves from these programs. We can achieve a completely different outlook on our lives.

Everything around you will change for the better.

Everything around you will begin to change for the better, because we attract what we are. For example, an unhappy person will likely attract negative things. It will seem like one bad thing keeps happening after another. They will ask themselves, “Why me?” If this person practiced mindfulness and began focusing on the present moment and only positive thoughts, these bad things will come to a complete stop.

Mindfulness and awareness is a huge topic, and this is just the surface. You can delve as deep into this as you want, but ultimately one who stops these negative programs has the ability to manifest everything they have ever wanted.


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