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How to Protect Your Energy From Energy Vampires

energy vampire

Energy/vibe/psychic vampires (n.): People who suck the positive energy out of you, leaving you drained, exhausted, and even depressed.

Signs someone is an energy/vibe/psychic vampire:

  • You feel exhausted after just a few minutes around them.
  • They are skilled in consistently turning your good mood into a rotten one.
  • They will often do or say things for a reaction.
  • They will compete with you and try to exclude you in social situations.

It would be quite nice to only be surrounded by empowering, supportive people. In an ideal world, we would all raise each other to higher vibrations. However, we aren’t there just yet. Because of that, it’s so important – if not absolutely necessary – to learn how to protect our precious energy. We can train ourselves to be as positive as possible. We can be the most successful attractors on the planet – but if we can’t ward off vibe vampires, it all goes to waste.

Sometimes, picking up on people’s energy can be wonderful – you get to vibe off of each other and create beautiful moments of mindfulness. Unfortunately, all too often other people’s negative energy drains, damages, and dulls us.

Sometimes, picking up on people’s energy can be wonderful – you get to vibe off of each other and create beautiful moments of mindfulness.

If you’ve felt that someone has sucked the life and joy out of you, don’t stress too much. You’re not alone. Regrettably, divine beings on a spiritual path are often magnets to parasitic people. These people thrive off of other’s success and happiness without contributing any of their own.

For example, you may have had an awesome morning, but when you see “that” person at work, you are thrown off. The rest of the day then takes a different course – instead of a nice, energetic shift, you’re miserable and exhausted all day.

Not protecting your energy does a lot more harm than just turning a perfectly good day into an exhaustive one. It’s difficult to become our greatest versions when we are affected by other people’s energy. Suddenly, we remember our insecurities. We begin to second guess ourselves and to doubt our beliefs.

Though this affects people who are most sensitive to energy and vibrations quite drastically, you don’t have to be an empath to feel other people’s energy. It’s possible for any person to walk into a room and pick up on even the minutest shift of vibrations.

Because of this, it’s beneficial to learn how to protect your energy from toxicity. Now, how do we do that?

How do I protect my precious positive energy?

  1. Figure out who is sucking your energy, and in what way. One person may always come to you in a bad mood. You do your best to cheer this person up. He or she then leaves you feeling gleeful – but you’re so drained you don’t have it in you to keep going throughout your day. Another person may be so over-the-top hyper, competitive, and energetic that they make you feel inadequate energy-wise. They make sure to share their positivity with some in the room, but not you. This is another way to drain a person. Another person may just have a pessimistic world view that doesn’t align with yours – this is another vibe vampire.
  2. Make cuts as needed. It’s likely that there are only one to a handful of people in your life who put your energy on the defense to a damaging point. Consider your relationship with that person, and if it isn’t very important to you – cut them out. Distance yourself. Understand that your wellbeing and mental and physical health are more important than being friends with everyone.
  3. Build a figurative shield. In many cases, the “energy vampire” may be someone you really care about. In that case, you can’t just kick them out of your life. There’s a person in my life whom I love, who absolutely means well – but whenever I see this person, they drag me from my high vibration to a very low frequency. I’ve learned that the best method is to protect myself by imagining a shield around myself, and imaging that this person’s words and stories are bouncing off of that shield. I don’t allow myself to internalize anything they say.
  4. Don’t react. This one may sound weird, but it is so effective. Whenever I am around an energy vampire, I only respond to the things they say that don’t make me feel negative. For example, the person in my last example is extremely negative. Whenever he says anything that I don’t want to hear, I simply choose to ignore it. I will answer every other part of the conversation, but this is so subtle that the person barely registers that I’m ignoring part of their speech. Over time, the vampire will subconsciously say things that get ignored less. It’s highly effective and almost fun to do – is that bad?
  5. Make a conscious decision. You can decide whether to let someone get to you or not, you just have to make a conscious decision. Often when we’re around these types of people, we just let our emotions get carried away and get dragged into the damaging situation. Choose whether or not you want to go where this person will take you, and if you don’t, stay put – in your mind, and even physically.
  6. Crystals! This option depends on your spiritual beliefs. I feel very protected when I wear certain things, like amulets given to me by my grandmother or other family members. I will sometimes carry crystals with me when I am nervous or afraid. Labradorite is a great crystal for warding off psychic vampires, and has been said to prevent loss of energy. Black tourmaline protects against negative energy, and rose quartz replaces negative energy with positive energy.
  7. Meditate daily. This is one of the most powerful ways to protect your energy and mind from harmful external factors. A few minutes every day can strengthen your mind and your resolve, leaving you calm and prepared to take on anything.

Remember that more often than not, these people don’t know what they do to you. Keep in mind that when you feel this way, it’s not that something is wrong with you – something is, unfortunately, off with the person who sucks the energy from you.

rose quartz

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How do you protect your energy? 

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