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6 Steps to Better Mornings and Better Days, Every Day

magical mornings

The smell of dew on wet grass, the sound of birds merrily chirping for the new day; the stream of light warming the face of a sound sleeper. A leisurely stretch and a yawn…Wouldn’t it be nice if every morning was this peaceful and relaxing?

Unfortunately, this is not the reality for the majority of us. Mornings are short, filled with stress, and tied to the clock. We are in a hurry, or on our phones. Too many of us don’t even consider making time to enjoy our mornings.

Whether you’re a morning person or not, you can turn your mornings into magical moments of mindfulness. If you just allow yourself ten extra minutes in the morning, you can set your day up for success by adding a few healthy habits to your routine. Our mornings often determine how the rest of the day will play out, so having a good morning is essential for a good day, and in extension, a good life!

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Though I love to sleep and reward myself with naps on a daily basis, I also really cherish the early hours of the morning. The quiet and peacefulness of that time allow for mindfulness, reflection, and intention-setting.

Here are the six steps I take when I need a relaxing morning and a happy, successful day. Do these before checking your phone for optimal benefits.

 “Some of the best activities to perform are ones that enrich the brain with new information, like reading. Taking in a good book or the morning paper is not only a calming way to start your day, but it also can help you reorient your priorities, taking you momentarily out of the daily grind from yesterday before today’s begins.” – Jason Liauw, MD, neurosurgeon at Saddleback Memorial Medical Center in Laguna Hills, California.

  1. Keep a dream journal. Keep a journal and a pen near your bed so that you can grab it and write down any interesting dreams or ideas you had upon waking. Dreams often relay important messages from our subconscious mind, and writing about them can help us interpret those messages. This will also kickstart your brain in a healthy way in the morning.
  2. Set an intention. I’ve said before that I make it a point to think “Today will be a great day!” while still in bed and rising in the morning. I will sometimes say statements such as, “Today I will receive an exciting new opportunity!” Setting intentions prepares the tone of the day and gets you on the right path towards your goals. How would you like to feel today? Say it right as you wake up!
  3. Visualize/practice positive affirmations. While brushing my teeth and washing my face, I will visualize how my goals or how I want the day to play out. I will also practice a couple positive affirmations. I do this just for a few minutes, because what’s important is to become very present in the morning.
  4. Tea/coffee meditation. Personally, when I try to meditate in the morning, I fall back asleep. That’s why I’ve picked up a tea meditation. It’s so simple that it’s almost self explanatory. Basically, I make sure that I have enough time to make a cup of tea the way that I like to have it. I fully focus on the task of preparing the tea. Lately, I’ve been drinking jasmine green tea with apple cider vinegar and a bit of date syrup for sweetness. I’ll then sit in the front porch or backyard and just remain present as I enjoy my tea. You could do this with coffee or a morning smoothie or whatever it is you like to have in the morning.magical mornings 2
  5. Read something inspiring. Actually reading in the morning, even a page or two, is a great way to get on track and wake your brain up. When I read in the morning I’m much more eloquent the rest of the day. Subscribe to a magazine or e-mail list that covers a topic you’re interested in, keep a book near you, or read the news on your phone. Read something, anything!
  6. Last but definitely not least – listen to MUSIC! Once you’ve had your quiet time, listen to music that puts you in a high vibration. My music taste in the morning changes based on how I feel that day, and I will listen to anything from classical to trap music, whatever I’m feeling that day. Many of you know I’ve been very into Kpop recently, so that has been putting me in the BEST MOOD every morning!

 What sets the tone of your day in the morning? What’s one thing you HAVE to do?

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  1. What a pleasure to come across your Law of Attraction videos on You tube! The insight you bring to the table is Amazing & thanks for explaining the concepts in such a way that’s it’s easy to Absorb & Take Action On.
    The Music that Supercharges my Energy Level the most is HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL ONE & THREE!!!

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