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Mind Hack: Manifesting Using the Placebo Effect

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Law of Attraction, at its core, is a way to tap into our own power, learn better habits and unlearn negative beliefs. Often, I will be asked for some scientific evidence to help prove or explain the Law of Attraction.

Though there has not been any research done specifically dedicated to the concept, there are plenty of scientific theories and notions that provide evidence for the Law of Attraction, such as the discovery of “mirror neurons.”

Another such scientific notion is the Placebo Effect, which is a concept that we can use to our advantage by learning how to manipulate it. It can be effective in manifesting everything from health to physical changes.

What is the Placebo Effect?

The Placebo Effect is typically associated with medical research. A placebo is anything that appears to be a “real” medical treatment, but isn’t, according to WebMD. Placebo pills are often used by researchers during studies to test the effects of a medicine on one population versus another.

One sample takes a real medicine, while the other sample unknowingly takes a placebo pill, or a sugar pill. When the study is over, researchers will analyze the effectiveness of the pill on the group that was given the real treatment to the effects noticed in the placebo group.

Often, people in the placebo sample will experience positive and/or negative effects from the pill, even though it should have no effect on them whatsoever.

For example, in one study, some people experienced a drop in their cholesterol, while others experienced side effects from the pill. These people should have not experienced any effects at all from this fake pill. 

“‘The Powerful Placebo’ (Pubmed)…showed that across over a dozen clinical trials involving over a thousand people, 35% of patients being treated for an illness with a placebo (usually a sugar pill) instead of an actual medication designed to treat their illness actually felt better and showed measurable signs of improvement.”

In many cases, placebo pills have been proven to help people suffering from depression, menopause, sleep disorders, IBS, and more.

green smoothie
Placebo Effect example: “Drinking a green smoothie every day will keep me protected from the flu!”

Why does this work?

It turns out that our minds and our bodies can be tricked into believing they are being treated for something. In turn, that belief manifests into real life, physical effects. As far as I’m concerned, the Placebo Effect is all the basis needed for the Law of Attraction. It is solid proof that our beliefs can affect our reality.

The fact is, placebos work so well because we are trained to believe that medicine will heal us, or even that medicine causes side effects.

Because this belief is instilled within us, it is easy for reality to match our expectations.

As spiritual people, we believe that when we are in alignment, we become the masters of our universe. Having faith in something creates alignment.

When we have an expectation and a belief, the universe must mold our reality to align with that expectation and belief.

How can we use this?

It became apparent to me that we can use the Placebo Effect in our Law of Attraction practice as it could potentially be a powerful tool for self-improvement.

If we can just create a belief that doing one thing will cause something to manifest, we could potentially see amazing results.

For example – cultivate a strong, solid belief that drinking a ton of water will give you glowy skin.

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You can stretch this muscle and become really good at using a placebo to manifest. A great exercise, for example, is to finally order or buy something that you’ve heard will improve the quality of your hair for a long time.

Don’t read reviews, don’t read any articles on it (make sure it’s safe to use, of course!). Just follow the advice, and believe that it will improve your hair, and expect to be impressed by the results.

What kind of placebo pill will you create?!

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4 thoughts on “Mind Hack: Manifesting Using the Placebo Effect”

  1. Hello Leeor
    I am M and im 17 year-old boy.i have a problem with my body, i am overweight,and i was manifesting weight loss.I was 115 kg and i wanted to be 98 kg,everytime i was eating,i was saying to myself “I can eat whatever i want and be thinner day to day”, after one month and a half, i went to pharmacy and what i lloked, I GAINED FAT AND WEIGH 124 KG,as soon i got home ,i started crying over my bed and im afraid to weigh again,i have other things to manifest but they aren’t manifesting,i want to attract a straight guy but idk why it doesn’t work,please help me!

    1. I don’t think it’s unfair to the straight guy at all. If a straight-seeming gent is open to a relationship with another gent, then he is yours. To say there are a tonne of straight boys with an inclination towards a relationship with another male is such a massive understatement that it isn’t even accurate. The only caveat would be remind yourself to remain confident: he is there for you. If you really love him, he’ll stay for you. If you just want the experience, that’s a good thing too. Doesn’t have to be long term. Just don’t second guess it–or yourself really–if you keep bringing to mind the idea that he was ‘just straight’.

      Regarding the body image: sucks balls. It didn’t come from your conscious self. Now that you know the way things work you can see both the desired and undesired realities simultaneously. Just let the undesired be there and drain it of its power by focusing on the desired. You are a magical, divine being and you deserve it.

  2. I would suggest not attracting a specific person. Think about it, is it fair to the straight guy if you vibration is higher and you actually end up manifesting him as your partner? For the weight, I completely understand, and i would do more then just trying to manifest it. The law of attraction is one thing, but when its within your power for whether or not you can help the process, and always help. You’ll see faster results if u actually work out, eat extremely healthy, drink a lot of water, but most importantly, change your mindset. I feel you have defined yourself as overweight, therefore the results aren’t coming. Think of yourself as what you WANT to be, not what you are as long as its positively impacting you. I would suggest researching further into the law of attraction, placebo pill, and your intention point. and remember, its not just in your mind, your heart is much more powerful and has to believe as well. Have you tried subliminal messaging? All love and good luck!

  3. Hullo Leeor 😀

    Have you read You Are the Placebo? Pretty brilliant that a placebo works even if you know it holds no inherent power (the author Joe Dispenza cites clinical studies). Love your channel–thank you for staying true to you.

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