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Soul vs. Ego: How to Distinguish Between Soul Talk/Ego Talk & What Your Soul Wants You to Know

what your soul wants you to know

Knowing the difference between our soul talk and our ego talk can be the vital missing ingredient to living a more intuitive, fulfilling life. We often look for signs from the universe, for signs from outside of our body. When we see repeating numbers, words, phrases, when we hear a certain song at a certain time, when we run into someone after thinking about them, even when someone calls out of the blue after we talk about them…those synchronicities are signs. Those signs are external, they are coming to you straight from the universe, from a higher consciousness.

Those are actually not the only signs that we need to be looking out for, though.

Our inner being, our spirit, our soul, is infinite. It is wise beyond the spectrum of our own lifetime. Our soul has lived many lives, and has learned many lessons. 

In order to be more in touch with our soul, we have to make our own decisions in life. Practicing making our own decisions allows us to re-connect with ourselves. It lets us establish a stronger connection to our infinitely wise soul.

If we don’t use this connection, we are missing out on making choices and decisions that could improve our life immensely. 

Receiving messages from your soul can help you better solve problems in life. It can clarify what you really want, it can help making decisions easier. It can even point you in the right direction when you feel lost.

Establishing this connection with yourself is easier than you could ever imagine. All you have to do is make time for yourself to do absolutely nothing.

In this time where you do absolutely nothing, you have to be alone. You have to turn off all distractions – no phones, no computers, nothing. The best time to do this is after finishing everything you need to do for the day, so that you don’t have a bunch of urgent things running through your mind, OR right before starting your day and starting all your tasks, if you can quiet your mind.

In this exercise, you don’t have to completely stop thinking – in fact, you are going to start analyzing. Before getting a message from your soul, you’re going to have to learn to distinguish between the thoughts that come from your soul, and the thoughts that come from your ego.follow your soul

It is quite simple to spot your ego. Your ego is the image you have of yourself, it’s the way you define yourself. The ego is the mask you show to the world. It is whatever comes after the word “I.” It is all your titles and roles, such as teacher, girlfriend, friend, daughter, vegan, student, etc. 

The thoughts and inner dialogue that come from your ego are the ones that you can’t stop thinking over and over, that keep circling in your mind, that you obsess over. Your ego thoughts are consumed by your emotions, more often negative emotions such as jealousy, disappointment, anger, and hurt. Your ego focuses on your fears, your doubts, your anxieties. Your ego will often go to the worst case scenario, rather than consider all options. According to your ego, your self-worth is dependent on external circumstances such as whether you are dating someone or married, whether you own property or materialistic things, whether you have a good job or not, how popular you are. Your ego focuses on those things and drives your soul crazy. Your ego is what drives you to seek validation from other people and from society. Your ego is easily bruised, it gets upset when things don’t go your way, when people disappoint you, and when people do things to offend you.

Our egos are the things that NEED.

The following are examples of ego thoughts: “Why me? I’m not smart enough. I’m not good enough, I’m not beautiful, I can’t do this. I don’t have what it takes. I messed up. I’m an embarrassment. I am awkward. My life doesn’t mean anything.”

None of these thoughts are truly who we are. Who you truly are innately is your soul. Your soul is your spirit, your essence, your true self. It is who you are behind the titles, beneath the roles, the expectations and the masks. Your physical body was born as your soul and you will forever be your soul. Your soul is something that is never really born nor dies, but has lived several lifetimes and developed to become better life after life.

Here’s how to understand who you really are, how to distinguish messages from your soul:

A gut feeling, an intuition, or an inner voice that exhibits zero judgment comes from your soul. When your soul is in charge, you love and accept yourself deeply and completely. Your passions, your burning desires and your goals come from your soul – but you don’t depend on those goals to define who you are or to determine your sense of self-worth. You’re okay with or without those goals. When your soul is in charge, you tend to forgive very easily and become very accepting of others as they are. You don’t get disappointed with other people for being who they are. Desires and ideas that come solely from you are coming from your soul thoughts, instead of from external influences like the media, expectations of others, or society.

Your soul doesn’t do anything for praise or for rewards. It does what’s right and doesn’t expect any recognition. It is our ego that craves praise, compliments, and rewards. Our ego strives to be stroked, while our soul is happy as is, unnoticed, doing good things for the sake of goodness.

When you are REALLY in tune with yourself and therefore with your soul, you will often fall into flow. We’ve discussed flow before – it’s the feeling of losing yourself in something you love, and it’s actually an academically discussed concept because it’s a real psychological phenomenon. It is the feeling of gettin completely lost in an activitiy such as painting, yoga, writing, reading, cooking, or anything else you may enjoy. 

Your soul is directly connected to the universe and the ecosystem, so when you are thinking and feeling through your soul you will feel an indescribable sensation, a connection with the entire universe, especially when you look at something beautiful such as a sunset, a starry night sky, an old tree, or something very human, like a couple desperately in love, an old woman whose wrinkles start to look like art, someone giving money or food to a person on the street. Often these things will make you feel like crying because they are so beautiful.

Your soul is effortless, so when you are living through your soul everything will begin to feel effortless. The right circumstances will be drawn to you like a magnet, the universe will open the right doors, get you in touch with the right people, and give you all the resources you require.

You will feel free and often have a dip into insight, random moments of awareness and understanding of what everything really is. Your ego sees things for what they’re pretending to be, while your soul sees what they’re meant to be or innately are.

You will only understand your true, fulfilling purpose in life once you strip yourself of ego and life a soulful existence.

Now that we’ve distinguished between the two, and you can better tell where your thoughts are coming from, I want to give you a list of things your soul wants you to know.soul vs ego

Things Your Soul Wants You to Know

  1. We are here to evolve. Human beings were given consciousness, and with that consciousness is a responsibility to grow and evolve. We can’t stay at the same level of intelligence and experience life after life, eon after eon. We are here to improve and to someday rejoin the source. Your job here is to learn, to experience, and to enjoy.
  2. You do not have to suffer. Some religion and some aspects of the modern world teach us that in order to win, we have to struggle. That just isn’t the case. The ideal life is lived in happiness at every stage. Happiness during the days when we don’t have much money, or not many friends. Happiness when we are rich, happiness when we can give, happiness when we can’t. We can adopt the perception that we should be enjoying the ride, rather than waiting to be happy ONE day when something happens. When we pick up that new perception, we begin to live truly and in every moment instead of waiting around for one day.
  3. Your life is a reflection of your inner self. Your outer world and circumstances are a direct reflection of your inner world. Once you start looking at your outer circumstances as that reflection, you will know that any chance, any improvement, begins first within you.
  4. Everything is happening for you. I know I’m a broken record, but this is a lesson my soul has been screaming, so it must be for a reason. Every situation in your life, every person in your life is here to help you to discover more about yourself and to improve your self and your life and to learn.
  5. You’re not broken. You aren’t. You don’t need FIXING, or self-help. What you need is self-love and acceptance.
  6. Everything is in your hands. Your life is in your control. Your emotions, thoughts, feelings, behaviors, take a moment and realize that every movement you make is up to you. You can decide what you will do or won’t do, what you will stand for or not stand for. You make every decision for your body and your soul in this world, second by second. That is some intense power.
  7. You are powerful. Picking up on number 6, let’s take a moment to reflect on how powerful we are. The biggest limitations we encounter in our lives don’t come from our circumstances, but rather from our limiting beliefs about who we are and what we are capable of doing.
  8. You always have the answer. Once you learn to tap into your soul and into your intuition, you know that there are no questions that are unanswered in your soul. You do not need anyone else’s advice. Practice this muscle by making decisions on your own for a while.
  9. Be more mindful. It is the best way to stop yourself from making stupid mistakes. Be completely present in whatever task is at hand, whatever you are experiencing in the present moment. Too often, we exist but our minds are in the past or the future.
  10. Stop being mean to yourself. Your soul is indignant about this one. Why are you so mean to it? Why are you so mean to you? Calling yourself ugly, fat, stupid, incapable…if you don’t love yourself, why would anyone else? Your soul wants you to love it. It loves you infinitely, and it wants you to love it. And since you are your soul, you already do love yourself. Let your ego be overpowered by that love.
  11. Being grateful is at the core of being human.
  12. Your ego keeps looking for signs, while your soul is already analyzing them. Stop letting your ego waste your time. Let your soul pick up on things that keep repeating, on messages that come to you from the universe or from other people, things that appear brighter than others…


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  1. This is truly incredible and inspirational. Really I want to thank you because ever since I started wat gong you and trying out all these different things my life has took a turn and a good one. Thank you.

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