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How to REALLY Identify & Follow Signs from the Universe – Synchronicities Simplified!

signs from the universe

Anyone who is into the Law of Attraction starts getting into the discovery of synchronicities and signs at some point. When we get more into our spiritual practice, we start noticing certain things coming up more and more often. While most people would shrug these signs off as “coincidences,” spiritually connected people know better.

If you’re new to signs and synchronicities, read this first: Signs from the Universe | Synchronicities and the Law of Attraction.

Much like animal instinct, human beings have intuition. All living creatures are intuitive beings, meaning that intuitively and instinctively, we know what is best for our survival.

Human beings, who have had the opportunity to transcend into higher consciousness, can use this intuition to navigate through modern life.

Unfortunately, we’ve moved so far away from our intuition that the majority of us can no longer discern what it’s saying. We live so far from nature, our feet haven’t felt the earth in so long, and most of us don’t have a nearby forest to wander into to recharge our souls and our connection to source.

If you want to understand signs, you first have to understand yourself and what your soul is telling you.

Until you come back to yourself, you won’t be able to truly understand what the signs you’ve been getting from the universe actually mean. You might see 11:11 every time you check the time, or see angel numbers, or experience any sort of synchronicities – but without meaning, these signs are worthless to us.

Signs mean different things to different people. Only we can know if something is a sign for us or not, and what it could mean.

The good news is, it’ll be easy for you to start intuitively understanding what these signs mean with practice.

How to Get Back to your Intuition

Meditating is a great way to start returning to your intuition, but it’s not necessarily the only way. Spending time in nature with your phone and all distractions away, alone or with other people can align you with your intuition.

You don’t even need to be anywhere remote, you can sit on sand at the beach, or sit facing flowers or plants in your own backyard.

You could also just sit somewhere quiet and try to clear your mind and listen to your body. If your ego starts to babble, let it babble. Try to separate yourself from that constant stream of chatter, and listen to it – but without judgment. The answers you seek will come to you there, in that space.

To practice listening to your intuition, start paying attention to how often you look to others for advice or for someone else to make a decision for you. Start making decisions intuitively, and you will grow your power like a muscle.

How to Identify the Signs

Many of us are always wondering whether something that happened to us is a sign or not, and the truth is, if you are present and really feel that moment when this thing happened to you, you will know intuitively whether it’s a sign or not.

For you, it could be a loud sign while for me, it could mean nothing.

The signs you receive don’t necessarily have to have anything to do with what you’re trying to manifest. You can experience synchronicities that really are there to tell you you’re on the right path and to keep going, and they could be completely unrelated to your desires, such as seeing certain numbers. Just notice them, take them in, and intuitively feel whether they are signs or not.

In a very practical application, my answer is to be completely present at all times, so that you don’t overlook a sign.

When something is a sign, it’ll stand out to you often. You’ll see the numbers repeating. Certain places or things in your life will appear brighter, more vibrant. You’ll hear from someone you thought about recently. You thinking about that person and them reaching out to you isn’t a coincidence, it’s a synchronicity, and a sign.

But if you’re constantly in your thoughts about the future or the present, if you’re not mindful, you’ll lose the majority of those signs.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that your vibes must always be very open in order to see signs clearly. Think about it, when we’re upset, angry, unhappy, jealous, depressed, irritated…we’re not open vibrationally to receiving and we’re not intuitively seeking signs.

Becoming open vibrationally, meaning having a vibration that is welcoming and warm, will open the door for the right people to come into your life. Be open and believe that you are doing everything the right way. Do everything with compassion, and be confident that you are on track.

From my experience, the most powerful and clear messages come to us from other people. Someone will randomly reach out to you to tell you something or to talk, not knowing why, but really, they’re a catalyst for the sign you’re receiving.

I have started to look at each conversation that I have with anyone as a possible message, which has made me much more mindful, present and open when speaking with anyone. The universe can use any type of communication as a way to relay a message, so if we focus on our conversations we can learn a lot or receive a specific, obvious sign.

To follow these signs, you have tophysically follow them. If you keep seeing certain numbers, choose those numbers whenever you need to do anything with numbers. If you keep seeing 11:11, do your law of attraction techniques or gratitude journal around that time.

If you hear from someone you thought about, don’t just disregard them or have a hi-bye conversation with them. Be open to a message from them by starting a real conversation. Ask them how they’ve been, what they’ve been up to…

More often than not in these situations, you will learn something or hear something that you needed to hear on your journey. It will be the next step towards achieving what you want.

This is especially important when you keep seeing a person. If you keep running into an old friend, don’t just laugh it off as coincidence. Ask them to grab coffee or to talk for a minute, as soon as possible. It’s very likely that they are the stepping stone you need on your path to the things you wish to manifest.

looking for signs

There is an exception.

Usually, they will mean different things for different people. However, there is a universally generic sign that means the same thing for everyone.

When you think of something and your vibration immediately rises, you get all warm inside, you feel like you’re being hugged by an unknown force, and you get all tingly and excited – it means you are on your path.

It means that your desire is yours already. It means never, ever give up on whatever it is made you feel that way. There is no doubt about that. That is meant for you.

In summation…

We are intuitive beings, but we’ve gotten way too disconnected with ourselves, nature, and intuition.

In order to identify and follow signs, we must first quiet our minds and practice listening to ourselves. We have to exercise our intuitive muscles.

Once we are better connected to our intuitive self, we have to become very present so that we don’t overlook any messages. While being present, we have to be open to receiving, meaning we are open hearted, warm, nonjudgmental, and grateful. Once we are at the ideal state to receive signs, things will start standing out to us. When things stand out to us, we have to follow them. Be very present in conversations, look people in the eye, and feel their vibe. Their messages can come from their words or their disposition.

Above all, don’t be so hard on yourself. Whether you see the signs or not, you are still manifesting. They’re still there. It just gets more fun to use this law to our advantage when we notice the synchronicities and the little indicators along the way that push us along.

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