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How to RADIATE Love | A Journey of Self-Discovery

The following is an essay written by my dear Kristiana Marie. In this little peek into her own journey and a sample of the type of lessons she teaches, you will come across some interesting ideas:

  • “Love nurtures our souls, our minds…”
  • “We all choose the path we chose before we entered this life”
  • “We are creators and we create our own reality”
  • …and MORE beautiful sentiments. Enjoy!


Radiating Love

by Kristiana Marie

Hi Baby Elephants!

So lovely to meet all of you! I am so grateful to have this opportunity to share such amazing insight with you. The marvelous Leeor Alexandra has asked me to write for her blog and I was overfilled with joy. As I pondered on what topic to discuss with you, I realized exactly what I should discuss – radiating love. Why? For many reasons, a few of them being; love nurtures our souls, our minds, is source, and with it we can manifest the world! Not to mention that when I first stumbled upon Leeor, way back when she first began uploading videos to her channel and had 1,000 subscribers, I literally had felt her radiate love from the screen. This is why I realized I should follow my inner being and dedicate this piece to the love that she gives.

My Own History of Radiating Love

As a child, I always loved generating love and positivity. It was something I luckily inherited from my mom for through many hardships, she never, ever lost hope. I loved life as a result through ups and downs until I began going through a huge non-death related loss in my late teenage years. I had to step up to the plate and remove a person from my family for the well-being of myself, my mother, and two younger sisters. I thought that I would never be the same but to be honest, after 6 years, I am truly living my best life. I believe that this was the reason why I had chosen to be born into this family – something you may be unfamiliar with; we all choose the path we chose before we entered this life – for me? It was to save and mend the pieces of my family.

But those first 5 years were turmoil as I had become very bitter about life. I started expecting the worst from people as my mentality at the time had been, “Well if my own blood betrayed me in such a way, who’s to say that people who have no connection to me won’t do the same?”. I studied psychology and learned a lot about how people think, myself included, and it had served such a huge purpose in my life. With that great information, I was able to begin my healing process. I had tons of help on the way with people who began breaking this strong negative belief of mine which I am truly grateful for. And then, I had found The Secret.

Light filled my life

I used to post on my snap story my complaints of the day and asked why the universe messes with me like this – I feel now that that was such an ignorant comment on my part – until a snapper, who today is my best friend, told me to drop everything that I was doing and watch The Secret. And I remember laughing out loud and said “okay” and went to go watch it.

Little did I know that my whole, entire life would be changed. Every single belief I had as a child just came rushing back into my mind, spreading throughout my entire body. I made two lists when I finished the movie; what I desired and what I was grateful for – each desire aligned to a statement of gratitude – and posted them on my dorm room door. For example, if I desired my version for “the perfect body,” counter to it I wrote how I was grateful to walk again after having broken my leg. In 24 HOURS, I received a job opportunity as a live-in nanny for 100K a year. At the time, the exact job I wanted as I absolutely adore kids and fulfilling my desire for 100K that year. I couldn’t accept the offer as I still had 6 weeks to finish my Bachelor’s but it was then that I understood, I am the creator of my own experience. From this point forward, I began to discipline my mind to radiate love, light, and hope. Which by the way, I recently manifested again this offer part-time.

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Why We Should Radiate Love

What a great question, why should we radiate love. When we are radiating love, there is this energy that comes off of your inner being. This love is the piece of God/Source/Higher Being/The Universe that we call our inner being/soul. This love, which is our soul, is what gives us the power to create, to heal, to believe, and is the definition of everything pure. When we are radiating love towards ourselves, even through times of contrast, we provide healing for our soul. When we are radiating love towards others, we reciprocate the love that they give us, aid in their healing, and create joy for both the other person and ourselves. And although the Universe is always aligning everything to make your manifestations come to life, when we are radiating love we allow those desires to come to fruition effortlessly.

How Can We Radiate Love

Although I personally try my best not to call attention to negative things, in this case, it serves a very important purpose. Whenever we feel fear, we are not radiating love. Fear is the exact opposite emotion of love and it is what blocks us and puts us in a very different state. So the real question is – how to radiate love when there is fear inside of our hearts. And the answer to that is, allow the love that we have to conquer those fears.

Whenever a negative comment is said, there is fear behind it. Whenever someone says something negative about their body, or their intelligence, or their status, they feel afraid of being judged, not feeling validated, not being able to rise to the expectations that society has placed upon them. However, when we begin to call our attention to the love that we have for our self, all those fears fall away. When we love ourselves, none of those outside forces that attempt to lower us, in order to maintain power and control, can affect us. This can be applied to almost every single fear we have as it’s a vicious cycle society has put into practice in order to limit the freedom we have to be who we truly are. We have the power to change that! We are creators and we create our own reality.

Allowing your insides to be filled with love will empower you to live the life you want, be who you want to be, and create pure bliss for your soul. When you feel this happy, your whole existence radiates life and love and everyone around you can feel it.

And as Leeor would say, “Until next time, keep your vibrations way, way, way up!”


Kristiana Marie is a Law of Attraction life coach, spiritual advisor, extremely talented artist, and a huge part of the Baby Elephant community. The first photo in this blog post was created by her – this incredibly talented divine being. You can find out more about her services and see her beautiful spiritual art on her website (, Manifestations to Life Facebook page, or shoot her an email at




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  1. Love it! Best article to read right before headaing to yoga 🙂 I’ll meditate on letting love conquer fear, as I found that was a great way of putting it. Thank you!

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