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Let’s Create a Manifesting Game Plan | Goal Setting

law of attraction manifesting game plan

It’s time to create your game plan.

It seems like a new manifesting method, technique or tool is popping up every few days lately. With all these new and old choices, I know that it can sometimes get difficult to decide what might be right for you.

In the age of information overload, it’s sometimes hard to discern through what’s useful and what’s extra, in general. That’s why I decided to come up with a super easy, simplified, fun and quick way to create a tailored Law of Attraction manifesting game plan that anybody can use.

All you have to do is take my template, and fill in the empty spaces. This will create a customized plan for you to manifest anything you want


In essence, creating your game plan is a manifesting method on its own. However, it will give you organization, structure, and a step-by-step guided to setting your goals, creating your intentions, and finally making things happen.

Without any further ado – let’s get into creating our MANIFESTING GAME PLAN.

Who this is good for: LoA newbies and anyone who needs more structure while manifesting

What you’ll need: Notebook and pen

Step #1: Make a list of everything you desire to attract.

Don’t worry about leaving everything out, don’t worry about asking for too much. Just go for it. Get down on paper everything that’s on your mind. Just writing it down will make it much more likely to come into fruition!

Step #2: Choose one thing off of the list that you’d like to get started on. Turn the page and write that desire at the top to set your intention. For example: “Healthy, fit body.” 

Yes, you can manifest more than one thing at a time. However, if you’re new, or looking for more organization and structure, your best bet is to start off slowly. In time, you can create a game plan for several things at once. Today – just choose one to practice with.

Step #3: Choose a Law of Attraction method or technique.

Take some time to think about the types of Law of Attraction manifesting techniques you like or know of, and think which one you could see working best for your desired manifestation. If you need ideas for tools and methods, you can skim through my Ultimate Law of Attraction Tool Kit playlist on YouTube. You can also search on Google and YouTube for different types of fun methods.

Once you’ve chosen one or two methods that you will use to manifest your desire, write that down underneath your intention.

For example, I could choose “vision board” and “placebo effect.”

For vision board, I could choose to add my current wall vision board (which I make with Wall Pics, check them out and if you want to make your own, use my code for 10% off ‘leeor10’!) or to my Pinterest board.

Step #4: Find a mentor.

Finding a mentor isn’t something I often talk about on my channel, but I’ve come to understand that it’s easily one of the secrets of manifesting. Find someone that is an expert on what you’re trying to manifest – whether you know them in person, or can read their book, listen to their podcast, watch their videos, or even get some coaching from them one-on-one (never be afraid to slide in someone’s DMs to ask for help, just be super sweet and straight forward about it!)…you just want to ensure you can have some sort of exposure to them that will benefit your path.

For example, if you want to become a successful business person, maybe choose Gary V’s videos or Grant Cardone’s videos/books for this section. If you want to look and feel amazing, maybe find a fitness guru online or a personal trainer. Maybe even just find a workout buddy. For any sort of manifestation, you can find a mentor.

Step #5: Come up with a mantra.

You’re going to be using this mantra often, every day, out loud, to yourself and others – so come up with something easy and fun to say and to remind yourself of. For example: “Everything I touch turns to gold.” Or, “Drinking water makes me so healthy and fit,” or “I have an abundance of romantic love in my life.”

Step #6: Emotions list.

One of the forgotten secrets of the Law of Attraction is the importance of emotions. Using and focusing on emotions is the missing step to manifesting our dreams into reality. Think about how you’ve felt during this entire process: Were you feeling excited, content, relieved? What will achieving this goal or attracting this manifestation make you feel? Write a list of all those emotions down.

Step #7: Actions list.

Now that you know the ways you would like to feel, think about what things you could do right now to already feel those emotions. What actions can you take right now that will make you feel that way, thereby aligning you to the correct frequency?

Make a list of those actions.

Step #8: Make a calendar. 

Make a calendar for a full week. Take one day out for rest, where you won’t be doing any sort of manifesting. Fill out the calendar with all your appointments, work schedule, school schedule, etc. necessities for the week.

Next, add time into this schedule to use your manifesting technique throughout the week. If it’s visualization, set aside time every day – perhaps 5 minutes upon waking or 10 minutes before sleeping. If it’s scripting, make at least one date with yourself to sit down and thoroughly script. If it’s acting as if, write into your schedule times to act certain ways.

Once you’ve integrated your method into the schedule, now find a way to get a little bit out of your mentor throughout that week. Perhaps read their book for an hour a day, or watch one video a day, or get a coaching session with them once or twice that week. Find some time to really soak up what oyu can from that mentor, guru, or just regular person that you admire.

Lastly, add your mantra into your schedule every few hours of the day. Make sure to say that mantra out loud on those times every day!

And if you still have some free time, refer back to your “actions” list. See if you can make time in your week to do some of those actions that will make you feel the way attracting your desire will make you feel. This will help you to get into flow and to really manifest efficiently.

Get to planning!

Download the PDF here: Manifesting Game Plan PDF

Manifesting Game Plan PDF

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