Tap Into Valentine’s Energy to Manifest LOVE

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I want to talk about how you can use the celebration of romantic love in order to manifest love, or IMPROVE relationships in your life.

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Valentine’s Day IS a western holiday, but you can use the energy of February 14th to manifest love no matter where you are. If you’re reading this after Valentine’s Day, I recommend looking into other culture’s celebrations of love – for example, us Jews celebrate Tu B’Av, which is similar to Valentine’s day, in August.

Many different religions, cultures, and countries have days that celebrate romantic love, and you can tap into that energy on those specific days. 

So even though my initial reaction to hallmark holidays such as Valentine’s Day is one of disinterest, Valentine’s Day is actually quite an important day energetically.

Because so much of the world considers this the day of love, and because the actual day has been given meaning year after year by humanity, and because there is so much EMOTION that surrounds the day, it actually has energetically become a day that can indeed align us to the frequency of love.

Now the trick to this is that we have to get out of our heads about what Valentine’s Day means as a business-driven holiday, and get into what it means energetically. There are couples around the world celebrating this day, celebrating their love, showing their appreciation for each other. 

And believe it or not, if you are single and desire to be in a relationship, the worst thing you could possibly do is hate Valentine’s day – because that keeps you off from aligning to the frequency of love.

I tweeted the other day that so many people want to be rich, but hate rich people. Though it may have been a bit contentious, it’s spot on when you think in terms of vibration and frequency. 

It’s the same concept here – how could you hate on something you truly desire? 

The way to hack Valentine’s Day is to tap into all the love that is being shared around the world, by showering yourself and the people in your life with love.

Truly enjoy the holiday, even if you are single, by practicing self-love and self-care and drawing on the energy that is buzzing from romantic love across the globe.

If you spend Valentine’s day truly happy, you are aligning yourself to the reality in which you receive more to be happy about when it comes to love. 

Now if you’re in a relationship, and you don’t care about this day – and trust me, I’m guilty of that, I never cared for the holiday until I started understanding a bit more about energy and manifestation – you should definitely be using this day to your advantage as well.

Sure, every day should be Valentine’s Day – but when you show your appreciation to your partner on this day, your efforts and intentions are amplified and enhanced by every other couple that is showing their appreciation for each other across the world. 

The words “I love you” are even more powerful on this day, so say them loudly and often. 

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