Daydreaming vs. Visualizing

The other morning, I road my new little bike to my 8:30 am yoga class. I like to put in an extra workout on my way to yoga, since I’ve only gotten back to the practice recently. I’m currently taking beginner level classes, so though I’m being challenged – I could use the extra calorie loss that comes with biking to class.

On my way, I found myself daydreaming about a vacation in Tulum. I saw myself walking on the sand, felt the warmth of the sun on my face, smelled the salty ocean air. I was deeply absorbed in this beautiful daydream. You know that feeling when the daydream feels as real as reality, and you snap yourself out of it and all this time has passed by?

I experienced this phenomenon on the way to yoga. So, while it’s nice and super beneficial to stay present and in the moment as often as possible, daydreaming is so fun. Daydreaming is healthy. It lowers stress levels as well as blood pressure! People who experience anxiety can spend time daydreaming, and if they allow themselves to become deeply immersed, their anxiety will significantly lessen – if not disappear.

After yoga and my meditation the same day, I was feeling aligned and at one with the universe. And as always, the universe provides synchronicities when you are feeling great and vibing in alignment. My dad called me, and I picked up with a happy and chipper tone.

What is the difference between daydreaming and visualizing?

“I just had a quick question,” he started, with his thick, Middle Eastern accent, “What’s the difference between daydreaming and visualizing?”

About five years ago, I would probably think this was a “weird coincidence.” Now that I am much more knowledgeable about synchronicities and the way our universe works, I knew this was a sign to explore it further.

I’ve received questions from my community about the difference between these two concepts many times. But this time, I knew the answer right away.

“Daydreaming and visualizing are nearly identical. The only difference is that with visualizing, you have an intention. Many people struggle with visualizing, yet spend so much time daydreaming. If people would only understand that they are constantly visualizing, they’d be able to use it to their advantage. Visualizing is the exact same thing as daydreaming, just with a purpose.”

That isn’t to say that daydreaming isn’t manifesting, though. My Tulum daydream definitely set in motion plans to visit Tulum in the near future. However, if I had set an intention for it before beginning my daydream, I would be consciously creating my reality.

So it would go something like this:

“My intention is to visit beautiful Tulum.”

And then, I allow my mind to be swept away by a beautiful daydream.

And there you have it. I have sent my desire out into the universe, and I am ready to receive it.

What are you spending all your time daydreaming about?

BTW, I have a really fun morning affirmations video that you should listen to EVERY MORNING as you wake up or get ready. It’ll get you into that high-vibe aligned feeling. Play it on YouTube here!

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