How to Always Make the Right Decision: Heart & Ego Discernment

I know what you’re thinking – “How to ALWAYS make the right decision? How can anyone possibly ALWAYS make the right decision?” Yeah, what I’m about to explain is a tall claim. I totally get that.

But give me a chance, will ya? You’ve been pretty trusting this far. Let’s get back to that place of trust. I would never steer you wrong!

The concept that we’re first going to have to grasp before I explain HOW to always make the right decision, is that we don’t always know that the right decision is right. Sometimes, the right decision leads us down a path we didn’t expect, and maybe didn’t even want. Sometimes it leads us to negative results. However, as long as it comes from a certain place – the heart/ the heart-mind – it will never be wrong.

That is because when you act through the heart, you’re acting on the orders of your Higher Self. Acting on the orders of your Higher Self means acting on the whims of an all-powerful, immortal spiritual being that is directly connected to Source Power.

And this is how this will work in your favor.

Sometimes, you ask the universe “I would like (A).”

The universe receives the message, and gets things going. The thing is, in order to get to (A), you have to first go through (B), so that you can be prepared. It’s just how the path works. Sometimes, going through (B) is fun, and you can’t even tell you’re going through anything. More often, however, we need more preparation, and (B) could get a little uncomfortable.

When faced with (B), we have to decide how to react. Do we go with our HEART, trust the process, and keep going, keep walking straight, stay the course? OR – do we go with the ego mind, the fear, the primitive and irrational chase for survival? Do we walk away from (B) and try to find an easier way, one that’s more comfortable?

Did I lose you? Basically, what I’m trying to explain is that as long as you listen to your heart and make decisions from your heart, you will never make the wrong decision. The decision you make might take you through a negative course, but that course has been decided for you and is preparing you for everything you’ve always wanted.

Now, how do we do this on a practical level? Let’s say you are faced with a decision. Let’s say that, in theory, you only have two choices.

One choice is self-serving, will be satisfying momentarily, and is made because you are AFRAID of what else could possibly happen.

The other is compassionate, a bit more difficult to make, but comes from good intention overall.

Choosing the compassionate choice in every situation, despite the difficulty, will be the right answer.

Our heart is compassionate. Our heart understands the path we need to take. Our ego-mind is scared – it is scared of death. It is scared of being found out. It is scared of being wrong. It is scared of being vulnerable.

All this fear only exists in the ego, not in the mind.

Making decisions based on fear just doesn’t work.

Think back to all the times you made a decision that you thought was a good one, but was definitely based on fear – a fear of rejection, or anything.

Usually, those decisions just don’t lead us to the right place.

Make the decision that comes from the heart. It might be hard, but it feels good because it is seeped in truth, transparency, honesty, and purity.

Watch as you come into alignment, and your reality syncs up with that alignment. Watch as a more beautiful life unfolds.

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