Leeor Alexandra’s Top-Selling Transformational Online Courses

Breathe: a guided introduction to breath work and 45-minute long breathwork meditation. This meditation has been widely acclaimed, with students calling it “life-changing” and “indispensable” to their routine. Lay back, relax, and start to Breathe with Leeor’s voice guiding you through a truly transformative experience. You will access parts of yourself you never knew were possible.


Lightwork: a guided shadow-work ceremony. You will get instructions on how to prepare for this full-moon, deep-diving ceremony the week before the full moon, and then experience an hour-long dive into your subconscious to welcome your shadow aspects and transmute them into LIGHT.

If you often feel aggravated, confused, depressed, anxious, and just “off”...this is the guided meditation for you.

It is the most deeply healing, at subconscious, conscious, energetic and physical levels. Move around energy and get activated through Lightwork. This one is specifically for those guided to carry Light and active their Lightwork abilities.


Love Mastery Program: This is Leeor’s best-selling program, with the most testimonials and proven results. Take a 3-week to one-month long journey to FIND YOURSELF, LOVE YOURSELF, and KNOW YOURSELF...therefore opening up your energy to attract the love of your life...a soulmate...a twin flame.

The LMP was created around the concept of “I found you when I went looking for me.” You will go on such a deep self-love and self-understanding journey that you will naturally become a magnet for love.

Made for singles looking for love, this program has also helped many people who are unhappy in their existing relationships to HEAL their relationships by healing themselves. Others still finally got the confidence to leave unhappy and unfulfilling relationships after falling in love with themselves.

Invest in yourself, in your life, and in your self-love. The person you become by the end of this program will NEVER regret it.

Love Mastery Program

All programs have 30-day money back guarantee, no questions asked - because we know you’ll love them.